Spring is a great time for bird watching, because migratory birds who visit Britain in the winter will be preparing to leave, and later in the season all the summer migrants will be just arriving. Our native birds will be busy nesting and raising chicks too so there is always lots to see.

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During the Summer, there are lots of different flowers blooming in our parks, gardens and green spaces. Lots of the plants which grow in the cemeteries are wildflowers, which are a really important source of food for insects like bees, butterflies and moths, who in return pollinate the flowers.

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The cemeteries are beautiful in Autumn with crisp and crunchy fallen leaves everywhere, and all kinds of interesting fungi sprouting up overnight!

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There are still lots of things to see in the cemeteries in winter, and it can be easier to spot the tracks and traces left behind by birds and animals visiting.

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