Watch this video to learn more about some of the animals and birds who visit the cemeteries:

Did you guess which animal was featured in the video?

It was a fox! Here he is sleeping in his den.

Animal Prints

Would you like to look for animal prints in mud or snow? This guide can help you identify them.

Suggested activities

In the classroom

Make ice decorations to hang in the garden or playground, using natural materials like leaves, feathers and berries

In the cemeteries

Go for a walk on a snowy or wet day and see how many of the prints on our spotters guide you can find. If you like you can even have a go at making casts of animal prints in mud.

If you spot any nuts, you can also check to see who has been eating them. Squirrels are the mostly likely candidates, but you might also see evidence of some other hungry creatures!

Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project


We had an amazing day yesterday at the @jqbid #jqfestival collaborating with @jo_gane1 @suslifeuk @dontgointothecellar and of course the @friendskeyhillwarstonelanecem meeting so many amazing people

We couldn't have done it without everyone's help, including loads of support behind the scenes from @bhamcitycouncil @coffin_works @thehivejq and all the amazing #JQHeritageSquad volunteers.

Now we need to sleep for a week but then we'll be buzzing with ideas for 2023!

We are very excited about 'Diamonds in the Rough' a unique tour with storytelling & live performance, exploring queer history in the JQ Cemeteries for LGBT History Month.
Join Sheldon K Goodman and
Sacha Coward from @thecemeteryclub
on 12th-14th February:

#lgbthistory #valentinesday #birmingham #jewelleryquarter #jewelleryquarterbirmingham #cemetery #tour #birminghamheritage

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