Don’t Go Into The Cellar

Don’t Go Into The Cellar Theatre Company ( - Victorian Theatre With Bite have made two films on location in the cemeteries, both filmed during lockdown when we could have live audiences for theatre.

The Time Machine

The Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project Presents The Time Machine by Don't Go Into The Cellar, an adaptation of the H G Wells classic written and performed by Jonathan Goodwin, Directed and filmed by Gary Archer.

Filmed on location in Warstone Lane Cemetery in Autumn 2020, the film also contains an interview with Josie Wall, Activities  Programme Manager for the JQ Cemeteries Project, plus a short clip about some of the Victorian Scientists buried there.

Edward Lear's Life and Limericks

Filmed on location in Key Hill and Warstone Lane Cemeteries in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, this unique adaptation is brought to you by the Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project and Don't Go Into The Cellar. Acclaimed actor Jonathan Goodwin in this original one-man adaptation, scripted by Jonathan Goodwin and co-directed by Goodwin and Gary Archer. Filmed and edited by Gary Archer.

Enjoy an audience with Mr Edward Lear, King of the Nonsense Rhyme and Loopy Limerick! Allow him to entertain you with tall tales concerning his life and times, the people, flora and fauna he encountered along the way, and his own inimitable philosophy of life. Oh, and a certain owl and a particular pussycat are both guaranteed! Mr Lear will also be talking about some figures from Birmingham's past who are buried in the cemeteries, whose graves he has come across on his ramble.

Bombed: Full Circle

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This video is a short compilation of the performances and animations from the light and sound event 'Bombed - Full Circle' at Warstone Lane Cemetery, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham on 4th June 2021, exploring the WWII bombing blitzes of Coventry, Dresden and Birmingham. The project was supported by the Arts Council of England and event supported by Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project. 'Bombed- Full Circle' is Part 3 of the trilogy 'Bombed - A Moonlight Sonata' by Saranjit Birdi

This event included large scale video projection onto the catacomb walls in Warstone Lane Cemetery, which is itself connected to the history of Birmingham including both world wars. The event also included live poetry and musical performances, plus oral histories and art from Jewellery Quarter Academy students and local artists.

Lead artist and creator - Saranjit Birdi

Live poetry and music performances by Phil Thomson and Christopher Foster (aka Alphaconception)

Oral history testimonies from Joan Edkins, Hanna Kristen and Beryl Paramore, plus Kenneth Chapman and Ray Hassall (from the Jewellery Quarter People's Archive)

2 Visions 2 Legacies

Made in partnership with the Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage Project.

A film which investigates the history and significance of the Chamberlain Clock and the life of Joseph Chamberlain, as well as the life and legacy of Warrulan; an Aboriginal Australian who is buried in the Jewellery Quarter. 2 Visions 2 Legacies focuses on telling balanced narratives and including the diverse voices of our fantastic city of Birmingham.

For further information, check out the 2 Visions 2 Legacies project.

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