So Much More Than Just Thomas’ wife

Mary was born into relative privilege in 1832, something she never took for granted as her later life would show. She Married Thomas William Rogers and they went on to have 4 children, her younger adult life was dedicated to raising her family.

Mary was a member and Sunday school teacher of Hagley Road Baptist Church; she was very sympathetic to causes of the poorer classes and that of young girls and women caught up in the growing problem of prostitution within the city. In 1878 a friend and magistrate suggested that Mary may help in setting up a reform home for “Wayward “girls, several of which had been set up in other major cities around the country.

The Rogers had a large circle of friends which included the Chamberlain, Kenrick, Martineau, Cadbury and Osler families all of which were supporters of the Civic Gospel which saw social reform as an actual expression of the Christian faith.

Mary together with many other women from her circle of friends were concerned with “moral reform” they regularly visited brothels, courts, workhouses and prisons in an attempt to stop women falling into prostitution. She was even known to sit in the cells of women before their trials to comfort them. Many of these were young girls who would enter Mary’s reform home where they would receive teaching and training in things like cooking, cleaning, and the Three Rs, this allowed them to improve their own social skills and standing. Mary’s daughter in law would go on to start a girl’s night shelter in 1888, this would remain open until the 1990s.

One of, if not the greatest of Mary’s achievements was to found Birmingham’s First Women’s Hospital, this was set up in a house in Sparkhill and offered eight beds. Two stained glass windows from this house now reside in the current Women’s Hospital

Mary was heavily involved in the Suffragette movement becoming Honorary secretary of the Birmingham Suffrage Society, sadly she would not live to see this movement succeed.

Mary Showell Rogers died in 1884 and is buried with members of her family in Key Hill Cemetery (Section C, Plot 17), where the inscription on the broken gravestone simply reads “Mary, wife of the above Thomas”.

Unburied Treasures Audio Tour – Mary Showell Rogers (written and performed by Nicki Collins)

Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project


We are very excited about 'Diamonds in the Rough' a unique tour with storytelling & live performance, exploring queer history in the JQ Cemeteries for LGBT History Month.
Join Sheldon K Goodman and
Sacha Coward from @thecemeteryclub
on 12th-14th February:

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Released to celebrate the Winter Solstice 2021, this video explores some of the nocturnal animals which make the Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries their home. They might be hard to spot, but we can often see the traces they leave behind.

Emily Doyle @oldbort is a multidisciplinary visual artist who moved to the Jewellery Quarter as a student in 2015 and never left. Her practice focuses on the biological, looking for comfort in the physicality that connects us all during changing times. Throughout lockdown, Warstone Lane and Key Hill Cemeteries have been a source of inspiration and respite for Emily and the sites have shaped her creative output through 2020 and 2021, Like many, she has found the JQ Cemeteries to be a place of grounding and reflection.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Emily's work. The textile sculptures in this film were all made using reclaimed textiles, including some sourced through Scrapstore Birmingham.

This film commission was funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund, Birmingham City Council and Jewellery Quarter Development Trust

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The star of the final @oldbort cemeyery seasons film of the year, which drops on 21st December has taken up residence right next to the @jqbid Christmas window at the Big Peg!
You can see this fox in his den anytime during the window trail. We can't wait for his on camera debut!
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