We have been planting wildflower meadows with JQ Academy students, JQ Heritage Squad Volunteers and local residents. The seeds were provided as part of The Patchwork Meadow project which aims to create 1000m of pocket meadows across Ladywood, Soho and the Jewellery Quarter for everyone to enjoy.

These are the flowers we have planted in each meadow:

Corner near the railings on Vyse Street


Yarrow, common knapweed, Lady’s Bedstraw, meadow cranesbill, field scabious, meadow vetchling, rough hawkbit, oxeye daisy, birdsfoot trefoil, musk mallow, ribwort plantain, cowslip, selfheal, meadow buttercup, yellow rattle, common sorrel, bladder campion, betony, greater knapweed, wild carrot, meadowsweet, hedge bedstraw, rough hawkbit, wild marjoram, hoary plantain, salad burnet, red campion, ragged robin, wild red clover and tufted vetch.


Common bent, crested dogtail, slender-creeping, red-fescue, smaller cat’s-tail.

Corner plot by The Lodge


Sheep’s fescue, cornflower, oxeye daisy, corn marigold, common poppy, yarrow

Plot by the black poplar tree on avenue


Yarrow, agrimony, garlic mustard, common knapweed, wild basil, hedge bedstraw, wood avens, perforate St John’s wort, oxeye daisy, ribwort plantain, cowslip, bladder campion, hedge woundwort, upright hedge-parsley, goat’s-beard, tufted vetch, corn cockle, corn chamomile, cornflower, corn marigold and common poppy.

Wildflower seeds have also been sown around the new chapel footprint garden and around the cemetery where there are patches where only moss is growing to encourage increased biodiversity in these areas.

Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project


This project is possible because of funding from: