Dennis has worked in the JQ since 2007, starting at St Paul’s Church before taking on his current role with JQBID; keeping the Jewellery Quarter clean and tidy. He remembers visiting Warstone Lane Cemetery for the first time:

“My first visit to Warstone Lane Cemetery took place in early August 2007. I had been working at St Paul’s Church for exactly 4 months, with my entire knowledge of the JQ centred around the Church and surrounding Square.

After finishing work at 4.30pm I decided I would venture more into the Heart of the Jewellery Quarter, after a few minutes I found myself on Warstone Lane, the first thing that struck me was just EXACTLY how many Jewellers shops there were, continuing past the Green Chamberlain clock I found my self at the Cemetery, as it was a nice sunny day (well dry at least) I decided to have a look around. I was soon enthralled by the Catacombs and the whole lay out of the cemetery.

I had recently started to write a crime novel in my spare time so had a look at many of the graves to see if I could see any interesting names that I could use or if something would spark my imagination. Before I knew it 2 hours had past reluctantly, I made my way out of the cemetery, it wouldn’t be too long however before I returned.”

These days Dennis spends plenty of time in both cemeteries, helping us with our weekly Community Litter Picks, leading regular cemetery tours and also stopping in as part of his Kathleen Dayus tour to visit the grave where her mother and sister are buried.

Dennis and Luke from JQBID in Warstone Lane Cemetery, standing close to the spot where Mary Ann Greenhill and Mary Ann White are buried.
Community Litter Pick on a rainy day!

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